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Reiten Works Advertising and Design

is offering an awesome opportunity to be a part of a one of a kind project.


I, Tara Reiten, would like to invite miniature horse owners to be a part of my Miniature Horse Coloring Book! It is an endeavor that has been years in the making and something I have wanted to do for a long time. I hope to be bringing together horse lovers from all over the World!


Now your first question is probably this, "How much does it cost?" Well, it's $125 for one page (one horse per page). Youíre also probably asking yourself, "What do I get out of being in this coloring book, besides the fact that I will be bringing great joy to children everywhere." Here are a few more business oriented reasons..... 


1st - Your horses "Barn" name will be on the page with the drawing and page number. I am not asking for full registered names because I am not officiated with any clubs or organizations within the miniature horse industry worldwide. I would like every miniature horse owner to be able to participate in this. Yes, the horse must be registered as a miniature horse, 38 inches and under, but I am not asking for proof, I try to work on trust alone.


2nd - In the back of the book each page will be listed with your Ranch Name, State or Country of Residence, and your choice of one of these three - phone number, e-mail address, or web site address. I hope you realize that space is limited and that is the reason for me needing you to choose only one of the above three options. 


3rd - After receiving the ok from the AMHR and AMHA, I plan to have booths at both The National and The World Shows in 2006. The coloring books will be featured there and for sale at a very reasonable price. (Crayons and markers not included but available!) I believe they will make wonderful affordable gifts for all occasions.


4th - For each page you purchase you will receive 5 coloring books to keep for yourself for free.


5th - Outside Promotions for the Miniature Horse! Its what we all want, right??!! Well, with enough support, and after I see how this does in the miniature world, I plan to try and take this to many other markets. For example, getting it sold in business, book stores, western stores nation wide. The possibilities are endless. I know its a lofty goal, but knowing how much we all care about our horses and promoting those precious animals, I feel anything is possible!


Below is a short list of rules and regulations for being a part of this coloring book.


After I have done the initial drawing for your page, I will e-mail it to you and you will be allowed ONLY ONE CHANGE within the drawing. Please note that I want to give everyone the perfect drawing, but my time is very limited on a project of this magnitude, especially if it has to be done in time for Nationals and World!


Reiten Works, and Tara Reiten, have the final say in publishing and what is published.


Reiten Works reserves the right to make any and all changes and corrections to pages in coloring book.


Please note that while Reiten Works has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in the coloring book, we cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions, or inconsistencies.


All payments must be supplied with questionnaire. Coloring book page(s) will not be started until payment is received.


Any photos of horses supplied will NOT be returned. They donít have to be high quality; I just need them for markings. If you would like, you can e-mail them in.

Horses will most likely NOT be drawn exactly the same as the photos submitted.


There will be a few pages with children on them, but most pages will just be a horse with different backgrounds.


All Sales of this coloring book are at the sole discretion of Tara Reiten, with all profits going to Reiten Works.


Once payment has been received their will be no refunds.


All Drawings and Illustrations are property and copyrighted by Reiten Works and Tara Reiten. And not for use outside of this coloring book with out permission by Tara Reiten


Tara Reiten

Reiten Works

1270 S Thompson Rd

Lexington, IN 47138

Home # 812-418-0422

Cell # 701-270-8010


Web site:


Please Click HERE for printable PDF version of these RULES



See Sample Pages Below






The Questionnaire/Application

PDF File Here to print


Form at right is Jpeg

You may click on it.....

then print and fill out

to submit your photos

"Please fill out the questionnaire and mail or  e-mail it in along with payment for each page ordered."





Please Click HERE for printable PDF version of RULES

(outlined above)



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Deadline is June 2, 2006, but please get your submissions in as soon as possible  so that I may have the most time to make YOUR PAGE just perfect!!



For more Information





Tara Reiten

Reiten Works

1270 S Thompson Rd

Lexington, IN 47138

Home # 812-418-0422

Cell # 701-270-8010


Web site:




As soon as we have some of the printing and production details worked out we will add information where you may order copies of the Coloring Book.






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